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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Release time:2015-02-05

Corporate philosophy: pragmatic, innovative, value, and win-win!

Quality concept: defective products is the waste, the waste is the character!


Organizational culture: learning and innovation organization, the work of professional, professional learning!

Work style: proactive, quick response, immediate action!

The crisis of culture: we are always trembling with fear, always to be very careful!

Hui, you sweat! If you have no wisdom and don't want to sweat, please leave, pay back!

Change culture: a person to change is the attitude of the problem, attitude decides everything!

Hard culture: if you have wisdom, please take out your wisdom, if you do not have the wisdom

Team culture: no one is perfect, only perfect team, share sb.'s joys and sorrows, and woe!

Talent concept: the company has only two kinds of people: one is the expert, one is the entrepreneur!

Market culture: there is no off-season market, only the thinking of the off-season!

Grasp the idea: repeatedly, repeatedly grasping, grasping the key to improve!

With human culture: Almighty, Yongzhe, let Ping; sainted and talented and exceptional use; Germany not only cultivate; talent without virtue, restrictions on the use of; non German, and resolutely not!

Management culture: management is serious love, pro Yan, who management is wide, high standards, strict requirements!

OEC Management: everything was tubes, all work, completion date issue date, the NIKKO!

Executive culture: understanding, not understanding, listen!

Performance assessment: the weight of the weight of the burden of all the people, everyone has a target!

Misunderstanding: the contradiction of the 98% are caused by misunderstanding, misunderstanding and misunderstanding of the frequency of a person's quality!

Three education: insect pests, NIMBY is lazy attempt nothing and accomplish nothing is no sense of crisis is a fool!

Not angry Law: the sun, the parents of grace, a large amount of a gentleman; a small popular!

Thanksgiving culture: the more people know how to Thanksgiving, the more successful he!

The law of success: the simple things to do!

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