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Shangyu Technology launched the Whampoa  one period continued to strengthen the channels of cooperation

Release time:2015-01-10

  Domestic independent research and development of the power management company has attached great importance to channel management and channel management, in the maintenance of both the reasonable and efficient operation of the channel system, and constantly improve the channel management strategy, optimize the incentive mechanism for cooperation partners, and actively recruit new channel system to expand the business space. To this end, the commercial space in January 2015 launched a new "Whampoa ," in a pragmatic, innovative, value, win-win for the purpose, committed to helping channel partners to further enhance the ability to create value, to win customers. Yu technology will focus on the Whampoa  first, open a new channel distribution mode: first, the integration of mass distribution and project traffic operations; second, the sub brand and product power segment dual latitude for the sales support; third, return to business nature, from the perspective of user's purchasing needs, to provide comprehensive products and solutions; fourth, the total generation of channel management system, streamline processes, improve efficiency, speed up the response.

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