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Release time:2015-07-15

CPYDX40E2S7 series

The cold air volume / total cooling capacity of more than 42KW were:

Cooling capacity: not less than 39kW,

Air: air pressure is greater than or equal to 13320m3/h = 75Pa

Humidification amount: 8kg/h,

Heating quantity: 12kW,

The number of the EC fan: 2

The number of the double system double digital frequency conversion compressor: 2

] refrigerant r407 (DuPont), the number of condenser: 2, electronic expansion valve assembly: 1 set, hood components: 1 set, control accuracy: temperature control precision is + 10C, humidity control accuracy is + 5%

] control display: Chinese graphic color large screen touch type LCD (320 * 240) display and interface, the noise: less than or equal to 60 dB (a), the power: 380V/50Hz/3PH, indoor machine requirements: modular units, the unit is not greater than 1320mm multiplied by 900mm * 2000mm (length * width * height), spare parts requirements of EC fan; compressor; electronic expansion valve, line of leak detection, RS485 remote monitoring interface

The air conditioning unit energy saving refrigeration and dehumidification control technology, the electronic expansion valve (EEV) technology, accurate control of superheat, precise adjustment of the opening of the expansion valve, controlling the flow of the coolant, the unit more energy-saving, more stable operation, also has high dehumidification function, energy saving. ] unit evaporator: using high technology type "a" big windward area of the evaporator coil, larger heat exchange area, the heat exchange faster and more efficient

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