Service concept

Service concept

Quotient space standardization service system

Release time:2015-02-05

Quotient space service system


Shang Yu adhering to the "quality first, service first" philosophy, the establishment of a full range, high quality, standardized customer service system. 400-0505-800, free telephone consultation, the first time answering questions for the user; pre-sale, Yu business have a first-class technical team can according to the requirements of users of electricity, environmental and equipment to provide personalized power solutions; UPS sold, Yu business will send professionals will be for users in many aspects of the actual operation training, and keep in close contact with the user, at any time in response to user requirements. Service stations across the country also regularly for the user's equipment for testing and maintenance. Users in the use of the product, encounter any problem, the company is to ensure that the company within 48 hours to respond, and provide timely and high quality service.

Yu has always thought that customers provide first-class service to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises as the goal, with good reputation in the industry and distribution units to establish a good and close cooperation, training a large number of well-trained professional and technical service personnel, service system is getting better. Has been established in the country 8 maintenance and spare parts center, the country's major cities with 31 direct customer service stations, repair spare parts has reached 62 points.

In addition, Shang Yu is still in Shenzhen set up the country's largest technical training center, technical personnel regularly for professional training and rigorous assessment. At present, the commercial space has authorized maintenance engineer. In view of the maintenance network, in addition to equipped with first-class maintenance, testing equipment, more than a long time to have adequate maintenance spare parts, to ensure high quality, high efficiency.

Three year warranty

1, the purchase of Yu Business ups and businessman Yu companies to buy Battery (used in Shangyu time-lapse UPS) can enjoy three years warranty service.

2, more than the warranty period of UPS, customers can still enjoy the company's perfect after-sales service.


In order to users timely, convenient access to customer service service, Shangyu UPS quanguolianbao. No matter where you buy your ups of Santak, can to from you recently business Yu customer service department or service station and has joined the guaranteed maintenance authorized dealer for service

Inspection service (charge)

Business customer service staff will be based on the service contract agreement to carry out the inspection service, the sale of UPS maintenance and repair, found the problem, the site to solve.

Other services (Fees)

Services include product installation and maintenance training, machine cutover, battery replacement and installation, hardware and software upgrades, battery monitoring.

Inspection content

1 detection of power environment and the use of UPS

2 to provide the use of UPS Report

3 questions and user training

4 to provide UPS selection scheme

Service network all over the country

Each business service station is equipped with a wealth of practical experience and professional skills of the maintenance personnel, and adequate product spare parts, to solve the problem of remote areas and traffic problems users. Please click here to check the specific address of the service network.

24 hours service hotline

Business space opened 400 free of charge hotline, to facilitate the user to business services, products, technology, business and other issues for consultation; users can call the Santak hotline at any time, to solve the problems encountered in the UPS purchase, maintenance, etc..

400 service hotline: 400-0505-800

24/48 hour fast response system (6KVA above)

6K (including) the above machine failure, as long as you and the company made contact, the city 12 hours response, field 24 hours response, enjoy the fast and accurate professional service.


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